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M - Maksu.2 Kolikot: Bitcoin and Litecoin. Larger adoption of Bitcoin would make prices. Siksi voit sijoittaa luottamusta. Bitcoins are worthless because they're based on unproven..
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Altcoins are referred to as Bitcoin alternatives because, at least to some extent, most altcoins hope to either replace or improve upon at least one Bitcoin..
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Bitcoinplus miner

bitcoinplus miner

for? 7/20/18 m Our promise - is to keep warning you all of these scammers, until they are all in Jail, or broke. 7/1/17 d bitcoin doesn't double, it just gets stolen. 10/20/16 m This has gone from our safelist, to our badlist. 7/10/18 m They have 4 plans, where you can lose a bit, a bit more, a lot, and finally shitloads! Ponzi's are illegal in most countries.

9/5/17 m A hyip/fraud struggling for a decent domain name. 8/9/15 m That 'Kingdom' is Scamland - but you won't find it on any map. That fishy smell isn't just the Salmon Pink. Bitcoin Cash is just like the Bitconnect scam.

bitcoinplus miner

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7/7/18 m This guy also runs known Ponzi Scams - such as Just stay clear. 2/14/17 m Now confirmed as a scam site, stay well clear and don't lose your Btc. 2/29/16 m Not your average scam, but a "premium" one, Cold comfort if you've sent bitcoin to this crook. Xyz Basically, if you believe this, you'll believe absoloutely anything. Well, the lengths that scammers are prepared to go to steal. 11/26/16 m Time we added this 'game'. 6/5/17 t Making it simple to lose all your bitcoin since 2/5/17 z Plan. 3/30/16 m The word paying may lead you to believe that they are 'paying'. This one is just total bollocks, and annoys me intensely. 2/21/18 m So, you'll end up with a bucketful of nothing. This is the Hourpay fraud.

Don't get scammed by this site. No more no less. 12/22/16 As always, we have a better plan. 2/19/17 m Really, just don't even visit this site, bad things can happen. 7/11/16 m And it will keep returning until some people get locked up!